DMX 512矩陣環境控制器

DMX 512 矩陣環境控制器

Environment Controller

產品特色    Product Features
寬 12.5cm 高 3.9cm 深 8.2cm
Width  12.5cm  Height 3.9cm  Depth 8.2cm
Need to get special communication agreement and use with PC-09(project planning). MHz Wireless two-way RF 433.92MHz transfer. Setting way:using wireless remote control to output setting. Connecting way:operate with special electric current cord, detecting power under stand by mode<5W turn on power>:10W








The output/input a set of DMX512 signal priority choice, can control 512 circuits through the DMX512 signal input set channel address 1 group, the next channel to enter the 255 order, using channel 512 and 255, the matrix changes can achieve control of 99 files. Through (URT2100) and (PC09) use RF433 signals to control (RLD90) of 99 kinds of situation model, open to turn off the lights and dimmer switch machine, curtain control , projection. Any clean mining LED dynamic and static situation change with computer radio frequency (KY009E) remote control system through the methods of 433 frequency remote control RLD900 and can control a number of electronic devices and the decoder box.

Frequency remote consultation code (PC09) to 433 frequency control file content to achieve the situation changes.

You think out ideas to let SHEENY RLD900 bring you the most SMART wireless intelligent life has the most complete system of products.


-Elastic module, to avoid binding function increase the cost, when the province, money spent on edge.

-wireless architecture, installation or expansion is very convenient, suitable for the size of the space environment.

-cable structure, the RS-232 and WiFi multi-frequency wireless communication, RF both stability and flexibility is applied

-Suitable for large buildings ,restaurants, hotels banquet halls…

-expansion of compatible, old and new period, the prices are different positioning products are compatible with each other.

-functional diversity, to explore the use of higher order waiting.

-The sitting room, restaurant, office, conference room, etc…The operator can follow one’s inclinations to manipulate situations.

-even opened the door, the light turns dark… Let SHEENY RLD900 spontaneously without excuse me automatically.

-We provide quality wireless design. Use any mould.


We provide to RF, IP network and control transfer through URT2100 feedback message status changes to update situation in the computer, the device, the APP phones, two-way message can let you know on the screen to update content.